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Jules Lasne - a friendly programmer


jules[--developer] [--camp-counselor]
[--other] [--music]


I am currently a Backend Software Engineer at Unsupervised.ai
I'm also a french student, who studies computer science at 42Born2Code Paris
How do I define myself ? Give me coffee and I'll turn it into code.


-d, --developer

I have been learning and developing since 2014 in:

* Python (We're all adults here) with Flask
* C (I've mostly worked on Linux based systems)
* C++ Just to learn OOP
* Shell For Scripting's sake
* Web (HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL etc...), just for fun !

I have been working on those projects :

December 2016: My rework of the printf(3) function. Fully functional,

February 2017: My rework of the ls(1) command. Very basic

March 2017: This project made me redo a basic shell

April 2017: This project made me redo a shell. This time, entirely ! The project took 10 months and is now done

December 2017: A Python module to help users use the API provided by our school

February 2018: A Python application to help students test their projects.

-c, --camp-counselor

I've randomly been working as a camp conselor in many different companies and at many different places.

I do hold the BAFA (Youth work)diploma since 2015

-o, --other

I've been a scout since 2006

I've been doing tons of practical activities in the outdoors and learnt how to live with others

-m, --music

I'm the vice president and main DJ of a non profit I've created with friends called Unusual Events since 2017

Always loved every type of music, raised listening to music, listens to music while I code, and play music for others to dance. Music is my life


* E-mail: jules.lasne@gmail.com
* Student E-mail: jlasne@student.42.fr
* Phone: +33
* LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jules-lasne/

Jules Lasne                          2018-06-11                                  JULES(7)